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Our Mission

To improve older people’s lives with a person-centred approach that supports healthy ageing.

A Message
From The CEO

Caring for our ageing loved ones is growing as a 21st century challenge that virtually all families will face. Today, there is a shortage of caregivers — both family and professional — and older adults want to age at home. To fill these gaps and meet these needs, bold and innovative solutions are required to ensure the health, independence and well-being of older people everywhere. At EasyCare Academy, we aspire to change the world by professionalizing the vocation of caregiving and bringing 21st century technology and business practices to scale these capabilities. With 28 years' experience across more than nearly 50 countries, EasyCare Academy is on a mission to make the world a better place through healthy ageing. We hope you will join us.

Peter Nicholson, CEO

our people

Our approach to our people is the same as our approach to our business – built on the principle of person centricity. Our people and their unique talents each contributes to the heart of EasyCare Academy.

Peter Nicholson

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

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Ian Philp

Executive Vice President, Research & Development & Chief Scientific Officer

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Lee Hampston

Vice President, Digital Innovation and Information Technology & Chief Technology Officer

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Chris Nicholson

Vice President, Finance, Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer

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Our Heritage

Over the years, EasyCare Academy’s scientific pedigree and validated care model have been bolstered by a growing network of experts leading the global dialogue on healthy and active ageing.

The EasyCare Academy Approach

The global population is ageing – rapidly – with more older people needing care and a parallel shortage of caregivers.

Today’s older people have unique needs, concerns and priorities, with implications for how caregiving and care services are provided, and what kinds of products, technologies and services can be developed to meet them.

Further, the rise in chronic conditions associated with ageing require more and different caregiving solutions.

The ageing of society creates pressure on health and social care systems around the world.

For the past 28 years, Professor Ian Philp has been developing, refining and enhancing the EasyCare methodology of person-centred care. In 2017, combining the best of his data, knowledge and insights with an enhanced assessment tool and a digitized platform, EasyCare Academy was created to advance the health, independence and well-being of older people everywhere.


Become part of our comprehensive approach to empower older people, build community engagement, and reduce burdens on health systems.

Response 4.0

Built on a 28-year history of enabling health, independence, and well-being of the ageing population, Respond is one of the world’s most respected and validated tools for evaluating the needs of older people, having already assessed more than 1 million older people around the world.