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International research, since 1989,
focused on personalized care


The engine at the heart of the EasyCare Academy is our research and development platform through which we collaborate with scientists, clinicians, sociologists, policy makers, academicians and researchers to develop evidence-based insights, locally, that can inform the global community.

Scientific advisory board

EasyCare Academy’s Scientific Advisory Board is a group of pre-eminent global health, ageing and gerontology experts steering and overseeing EasyCare Academy’s research and analysis and leading the exploration into new research frontiers in person-centred care for healthy ageing.

Isabelle Aboderin

PhD, MSc

Du Peng


Luis Miguel Gutierrez-Robledo


Yun-Hee Jeon

RN, PhD, MNRes, BHSc (Nursing) (UoN)

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Since 1989, EasyCare has been implementing, evaluating and updating our assessment tool. Along the way, we have collaborated with leading researchers from around the world to demonstrate the individual, community and system-wide benefits of our model. Our assessment tool, Respond, has now been validated by 90 scientific and peer-reviewed publications.