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Response 4.0

Built on a 28-year history of enabling health, independence, and well-being of the ageing population, Respond is one of the world’s most respected and validated tool for evaluating the needs of older people, having already assessed more than 1 million older people around the world.

“I think it’s a first-class service, very helpful, very professional. You’ve been spot on.”

– Resident, Bridlington, UK

Older People

Through a 52-point evaluation, Respond seeks input about the needs and wants of older people from older people themselves. More than 1 million older people around the world have been assessed with the Respond tool.

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Significantly improves health, independence, and well-being

Increases participation in society and the economy

Enhances financial security

“[EasyCare Respond provides] a comprehensive evaluation of individuals so that you [can] target your intervention and offer solutions to the real issues and anxieties that impact our older population.”

– Geriatrician, India

Caring With

Our online training provides the fundamentals for effectively identifying older people’s needs and priorities through the standardized Respond assessment.

  • Generates independence scores on an individual basis
  • Provides a pathway for tailored care plans
  • Improves insights and understanding of healthy ageing

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I see participation of older people in various councils and various levels of government, and that interaction between people and government is effective, now that the voice of the elderly is heard much more than before.

– NGO Representative, Belgium

Building Communities

By connecting older people to resources, services and support aligned specifically to identified priorities, Respond promotes opportunities for community engagement and social connections that were previously unrecognized.

  • Raises awareness of available support services
  • Tailors services to specific needs
  • Builds relationships and strengthens community ties

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Our online platform gives you access to training and support for conducting the Respond assessment and localized resources to integrate into personalized care plans.

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  • On-demand Respond 4.0 Assessor training
  • Personalized business integration consultation
  • Actionable reports highlighting the needs and priorities of older people
  • Respond 4.0 licensing
  • Access to our resource center/call center


Assessor Online Training Course

Provided in conjunction with Respond 4.0, EasyCare Academy also exclusively delivers Assessor Training to ensure standards are maintained. This sets out the principles of the assessment and demonstrates the importance of a person-centred approach.


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We provide expert advice in helping individuals and organizations implement Respond 4.0.



Our training team will explain each of the assessment domains, while demonstrating the accredited methodologies.



The Respond 4.0 license allows access to the survey instrument and provides the right to conduct the assessment.

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